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West Haven, CT

West Haven, CT

Founded in 1939, our headquarters located in West Haven, Connecticut is home to the modern 85,000 and 50,000 sq. ft. facilities of our Manufacturing, Warehouse, Analytical, and Research & Development Departments.

Orange, CT

Orange, CT


Watson has a second 66,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution center in Taylorville, Illinois.

Taylorville, IL

Taylorville, IL


Core Competencies


Specialty Ingredients

Our expertise in Fluid Bed Technology has allowed us to become a leader in supplying micro-encapsulated ingredients around the world. We can coat materials to mask flavor, enhance stability or provide moisture barrier protection. We have a long list of micro-encapsulated nutritional products, or can custom micro-encapsulate your product.

Our eight production fluidized beds run around the clock to provide instantized and agglomerated products. Instantizing can make powders more dispersible. Agglomerated products can improve compressibility and content uniformity and reduce friability, as well as improve disintegration and dissolution.

Our specialty ingredients also include vitamin oil blends and spray dried products. Our expertise in the processing of beta carotene and vitamin E is unsurpassed.

Cast Film Technology

Watson’s film lines are supported by two solution rooms, which are isolated to prevent cross-contamination. Each is equipped with an independent environmental control system. In our solution rooms, Watson’s selection of reactors allows for flexibility in solution batch sizes, ranging in volume from lab bench up to 3,000 gallons.

Watson produces films on two stainless steel drying lines equipped with 316 grade stainless steel belts. Each drying line is approximately 100 feet in length.

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