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All Natural Oven Spring 910

For sponge and dough systems. Oven Spring 911 for short or no-time dough systems: all natural bromate replacers for oxidation and conditioning. Improves dough handling and gives final loaf high ...... Read More


Contains a fungal enzyme that when added to the sponge functions to provide more fermentable sugar to increase yeast activity. In the dough, Amzymetabs function to increase the volume of the ...... Read More

Ascorbic Acid 50% Coated

Designed for applications where improved stability and reduced reactivity is required.... Read More


Contains ascorbic acid, an oxidizing agent to increase dough strength in the proof box and oven. The finished loaf has improved volume and crumb structure. Available in 30, 60, and 120 ppm/100 ...... Read More


Used as a conditioning agent to reduce the mix time needed and create a more workable dough. Bistabs are especially beneficial in systems that use high intensity mixers, such as continuous mix ...... Read More

Bread Base #5

An easy-to-use base, designed to aid in the production of Italian bread, French bread, club rolls, hero rolls, etc. Recommended usage rate is 5 lbs. per 100 lbs. of flour.... Read More


Contains a plant enzyme that provides proteolytic activity to relax the dough. Each tablet provides 170 GDU of bromelain per 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) of flour.... Read More

Calcium Propionate 80%

Product Code: F080486

Encapsulated calcium propionate 80% is a white free flowing powder. Each gram of encapsulated material contains 800 mg of calcium Propionate in a distilled monoglyceride matrix.... Read More

Coated Sorbic Acid 50%

Sorbic Acid coated with vegetable oil, which prevents the sorbic acid from interfering with yeast activity. The coating melts only during the baking process, releasing the sorbic acid prior to ...... Read More

Colored Edible Glitter™

Watson manufactures a full spectrum of colored glitter products using FD&C, EU and natural colorants. Watson can also match a custom color using a Pantone system of color matching. Watson ...... Read More

Complete Tortilla Bases and Blends

... Read More

Country Grain Base

... Read More

Country Oat Base

... Read More

Cracked Wheat Base

... Read More

Custom Nutrient Premixes For Bakery Ingredients

Watson’s Custom Nutritional Premixes represent precise combinations of micro and macro-nutrients specifically designed to survive the baking process and not to interfere with activity of ...... Read More


Provides L-Cystenie, a dough conditioning agent that creates a more workable dough and reduces mix time without the use of sulfites. Tablets supply either 10 ppm or 40 ppm per 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) ...... Read More

DC #1

Concentrated dough conditioner designed to increase water absorption, stimulate yeast growth, decrease mix time, and improve the extensibility and machinability of the dough. Also supplied in ...... Read More

Deluxe Bread Base #5

Specifically designed for hearth breads, contributes excellent machinability, strength and tolerance, and is also bromate-free. Usage rate is 5 lbs. per 100 lbs. of flour... Read More

Deluxe Roll Base #7 & Golden Hearth 7XX

For hard and Vienna style rolls, formulated to accommodate a wide range of machining and baking conditions, as well as to assist bakers in saving time and improving efficiency while increasing ...... Read More

Do Con™ 604

Increases water absorption, maintains dough machinability, and whitens crumb.... Read More

Edible Glitter™ Shapes

Glitter Shapes can add dazzle Glitter shapes can be used to decorate food items for an impressive display of creativity and fun. You can choose from a variety of shapes and colors to add glamour ...... Read More

EM 1102 Film- 2.1 mil

Product Code: F2971021

... Read More

Fumaric Acid 85%

Lowers the pH of the tortilla dough, therefore, improving a mold inhibitor’s effectiveness. In wheat tortillas, fumaric acid improves dough machinability for faster production rates.... Read More

Gluten-Free Bread Mixes

Watson’s gluten free bread mixes are very adaptable and are used to make a large variety of finished bread products including: sandwich breads, raisin and fruit breads, specialty breads, ...... Read More

Gluten-Free Premier Mix

Amaze your customers with your unique variety. Watson’s gluten free Premier Mix is extremely versatile and can be used to make a large variety of unique, finished baked and sweet goods, ...... Read More

Gluten-Free Roll & Pizza Mix

Need something with more structure? Watson’s gluten free Roll & Pizza Mix has the consistency of wheat-based dough and can be modified to make a wide array of products, including: ...... Read More

Gluten-Free Specialty Mixes

Watson’s gluten free Specialty Mix is guaranteed to satisfy your gluten-free sweet tooth. Our Specialty Mix can be used to produce products like, muffins, coffee cakes, brownies, cupcakes, ...... Read More

Gluten-Free Tortilla Mix

Watson’s gluten free Tortilla Mix produces soft and flexible tortillas that are perfect or soft tacos and burritos. Our mix is easy to use and only requires oil and water to be added. ...... Read More

Golden Hearth 501

A balanced base and bromate-free formula, designed for use in fresh and frozen dough products, such as white breads, whole wheat breads, soft rolls, hamburger buns, Kaiser rolls, Italian breads, ...... Read More

Golden Hearth Dinner Roll Base #15

With a 15 lbs. per 100 lbs. of flour usage rate, and the Golden Hearth Deluxe Dinner Roll Base #20, with a 20 lbs. per 100 lbs. of flour usage rate, are powdered bases used to produce flavorful ...... Read More

Golden Hearth Rye Bread 10 M

A bromate-free base designed for the manufacture of zesty and flavorful New York style rye breads and rolls.... Read More


Functions as a dough conditioner producing a mellower dough for better handling. Each tablet provides 110,000 HUT per 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) of flour.... Read More


Uses the oxidizing characteristics of calcium iodate to increase the volume of the finished loaf and improves the crumb structure for customer appeal. Each tablet provides 20 ppm of calcium iodate.... Read More

Kwik Do 730

A bromate-free dough conditioner and mineral yeast food blend for short time, yeast-raised dough’s, including bread rolls and bagels. It stimulates yeast activity, decreases mix time, and ...... Read More

Kwik Do 750

Functions as a dough conditioner for use in the production of pizza shells.... Read More

Kwik Do 756

For use in hearth breads and rolls. Designed to stimulate yeast fermentation, decrease mix time, and improve the machinability of the dough.... Read More

Kwik Do 837

A bromate-free dough conditioner and mineral yeast food combination for use in yeast raised dough’s. Improves volume and crumb characteristic, reduces mix time, improves machinability, ...... Read More

Kwik Do 891

Functions as a no-time conditioner for bread and roll production, where the water use is soft and alkaline.... Read More

L-Cysteine Blend

A standardized, free-flowing form of l-cysteine HCl which permits l-cysteine to be scaled or metered with excellent precision. Decreases mix time and improves extensibility.... Read More

Long Life Parve

An all natural mold inhibitor for yeast raised products based on cultured sugar syrup for kosher parve declaration.... Read More


The Clean Label Champ gives you control and flexibility at the lowest cost in use. MightyStrong™ is a great product that will offer an even better economic value than other leading brands. ...... Read More

No Mold 20

A natural, free-flowing mold inhibitor from fermented whey. It inhibits mold growth in yeast raised products without affecting yeast growth.... Read More

Oven Spring 10/800

A bromate-free, oxidizing and conditioning agent for yeast raised dough. Supplied in 10g Sol-U-Paks. Usage rate is 1 packet per 100 lbs. of flour... Read More

Oven Spring 700 Series

Designed for use in demanding process conditions in both sponge and brew systems. Good mix tolerance and dough development for difficult bakery products. Supplied in 9g Sol-U-Paks or 50 lb. ...... Read More

Potato Bread Base

A bromate-free base, specifically developed for hearth or pan-style potato breads and rolls. This base can be used in either sponge or no-time dough systems, accommodating a broad range of ...... Read More


A unique mixture of enzymes that make increased levels of sugar available to yeast, to increase activity and break down the gluten structure in tough flours resulting in a more relaxed and ...... Read More

Relax-A-Do 2 Bulk

Provides extensibility and relaxation in pizza dough’s without stickiness. Decreases mix time and improves dough handling. Available in 12g and 52g Sol-U-Paks.... Read More

Rye Base #10

Designed to aid production of rye breads and rolls.... Read More

Soft n’ Mighty

... Read More

Soft n’ Mighty 11583-0 Certified Organic Dough Conditioner

Certified organic for the, “Organic” and “Made with Organic” certification levels. General purpose in most bread applications.... Read More

Soft n’ Mighty 11583-B Premium Bread Base

Premium bakery bread base.... Read More

Soft n’ Mighty 11583-I Natural Dough Conditioner

General purpose and in most bread applications. Works with the customer’s existing extended shelf life enzyme package. Available in Watson’s easy-to-use Sol-U-Pak delivery system. ...... Read More

Soft n’ Mighty PLUS 11583-E Natural Dough Conditioner

A complete formulation that eliminates the need for separate extended shelf life enzyme systems. General purpose in any application.... Read More

Stay Soft 275

A blend of enzymes which improves crumb grain and texture while extending shelf life. Stay Soft™ 275 is supplied in 10 gram, dough soluble film packets, which eliminates the need to scale or ...... Read More

Stay Soft 700

Helps extend shelf life beyond 12 days after baking.... Read More

Stay Soft 720

Helps extend shelf life beyond 12 days after baking.... Read More

Stay Soft GFO

A blend of enzymes specifically designed to complement our gluten-free mixes. Both gluten-free and organic. Stay Soft GFO keeps baked goods softer longer, resulting in improved grain and texture ...... Read More

Tortilla Fortification Premixes

Tortilla Fortification Premixes offer a complete line of vitamin and mineral blends for the fortification of tortillas.... Read More

UltraShort 200N

A developmental blend of lipids, gums, and wheat fiber which when blended with water, effectively extends the function of the shortening in a range of low-fat baked items, including tortillas, ...... Read More

Happy Family eating Bread with VitaBoost10

VitaBoost10™ Premix for Gluten-Free Applications

For those who suffer from a digestive disorder, it can be especially important to eat a balanced diet, choosing foods that are a good source of vitamins and minerals. VitaBOOST10™ is a ...... Read More

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