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Crumb Softeners

Our Stay Soft™ line of softeners is designed for use in breads, rolls, bagels, muffins, and sweet goods. Stay Soft keeps baked goods softer longer, resulting in improved consumer appeal, reduced stale returns, and extended shelf life. Also, the use of Stay Soft™ allows the baker to reduce the frequency of store deliveries and the number of short production runs. Stay Soft™ can also reduce requirements for mono- & diglycerides for low-fat products and cost savings.

  • Stay Soft™ 275: A blend of enzymes which improves crumb grain and texture while extending shelf life. Stay Soft™ 275 is supplied in 10 gram, dough soluble film packets, which eliminates the need to scale or handle enzyme blends. Correct dosage is assured every time.
  • Stay Soft™ 301: Designed for promoting a soft, chewy texture in bagels.
  • Stay Soft™ 450: A crumb softener system which combines the grain and textural improvement properties of mono- & diglycerides with the shelf life extension properties of enzymes.
  • Stay Soft™ 550: A fully functional, hydrated form of wheat fiber and mono-diglycerides which exhibit unique textural and water binding properties. It is these properties which allow Stay Soft 550 to give a moister crumb and a more appealing product.
  • Extended Shelf Life Stay Soft™ 700 or Stay Soft™ 720: for beyond 12 days after baking.
  • Stay Soft 600™ Series: Designed for snack cakes, muffins, and cupcakes.
  • NEW!! from Watson: Soft n’ Mighty is a combination of all-natural dough conditioner and crumb softener.
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