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Dough Conditioners

NEW!! from Watson: Soft n’ Mighty is a combination of all-natural dough conditioner and crumb softener.

Our line of Kwik Do™ conditioners function as no-time dough conditioners/mineral yeast food combinations. The series of Watson dough conditioners are designed to stimulate yeast growth, reduce mixing time, mature the dough, and improve its extensibility and machinability. The advantages include improved volume and crumb characteristics, reduced mixing time, and improved rounding, sheeting, and molding.

  • Kwik Do™ 730: For use in white pan bread, replacing all other dough conditioners, yeast foods, and oxidizers. Use at a rate of 8 – 16 oz. per 100 lbs. of flour.
  • Kwik Do™ 756: For use in hearth breads, replacing all other dough conditioners, yeast foods, and oxidizers. Stimulates yeast fermentation, decreases mix time, improves dough machinability, and improves bread volume and crumb characteristics.
  • Kwik Do™ 750: For use in pizza crusts. Decreases mix time and improves machinability.
  • Kwik Do™ 790, Kwik Do™ 792: Dough conditioners with an acidulent and elevated level of oxidant, developed for short time or no-time hearth breads and rolls (especially kaiser rolls). Reduce mix time, mature the dough, improve roll volume, enhance crumb, and promote excellent sheeting and molding.
  • Kwik Do™ 738: Designed as a dough conditioner for roll production. Prevents wrinkling or shrinkage of the crust as the rolls cool. Decreases mix time and improves machinability of the dough.
  • Kwik Do™ 837: Bromate free dough conditioner/mineral yeast food combination for use in bread and rolls. Improves volume and crumb characteristic, reduces mix time, improves machinability, and promotes excellent sheeting and molding.
  • Kwik Do™ 891: Specially formulated for the production of soft rolls and buns. Bromate free.
  • Do Con™ 702: Bromate free yeast food, oxidizing and conditioning agent, for conventional dough systems. Improves volume, crumb, and machinability.
  • Do White: Gives the dough a dry, silky feel while whitening the crumb of the final bread product. Allows optimal machinability at high dough absorption.
  • L-Cysteine Blend: A standardized, free flowing form of l-cysteine HCl which permits l-cysteine to be scaled or metered with excellent precision. Decreases mix time and improves extensibility.
  • Relax-A-Do™ 2 Bulk: Provides extensibility and relaxation in pizza doughs without stickiness. Decreases mix time. Improves dough handling. Available in 12 g and 52 g Sol-U-Paks.
  • Do Con™ 604: Increases water absorption, maintains dough machinability, and whitens crumb.
  • Do Con™ 605: Aa bromate free, oxidizing and conditioning agent for yeast-raised doughs, formulated for conventional dough systems.
  • Do Con™ 676: Conditioning agent designed to improve the extensibility of no-time yeast-raised doughs.
  • Bagel Do Con™: A 1% conditioner for bagels.
  • DC#: Widely used in pan bread production for improving the absorption, extensibility, and machinability of dough.
  • UltraShort™ 200: A fat extender and dough conditioner for reduced and low-fat tortillas.
  • Golden Hearth 501: A balanced base and bromate-free formula, designed for use in fresh and frozen dough products, such as white breads, whole wheat breads, soft rolls, hamburger buns, kaiser rolls, Italian breads, bagels, flaky croissants, and baguettes. Usage rate ranges from 2 oz. per 100 lbs. of flour to 2 lbs. per 100 lbs. of flour, depending on application.
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