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Dough Improvers

Oven Spring™ is a bromate free, oxidizing and conditioning system for yeast-raised doughs, supplied in both bulk and dough soluble packets called Sol-U-Paks. Oven Spring is a blend of improved oxidants, designed to provide the sustained activity necessary for a wide range of applications and processes. Doughs prepared with Oven Spring have good machinability and tolerance, giving breads good volume and tighter crumb structure.

  • Oven Spring™ 10/800: Especially beneficial in string line, hearth breads and frozen doughs. Supplied in 10-gram Sol-U-Paks, usage is one packet per 100 lbs. of flour.
  • Oven Spring™ 700 Series: Designed for use in demanding process conditions in both sponge and brew systems. Good mix tolerance and dough development for difficult bakery products. Supplied in 9-gram Sol-U-Paks, usage is one packet per 100 lbs. of flour.
  • All Natural Oven Spring™ 910: For sponge and dough systems and Oven Spring 911 for short or no-time dough systems: all natural bromate replacers for oxidation and conditioning. Improves dough handling and gives final loaf high volume and excellent crumb characteristic. Supplied in 1-ounce Sol-U-Paks or 50 lb. cartons. Also available in a GMO-FREE form.
  • Ascorbic Acid 50% Coated: Coating the ascorbic acid slows down its release during mixing to prevent over-aging of the dough, of particular importance in retarded and frozen doughs. This delayed release, in combination with other oxidation agents, extends ascorbic acid’s function beyond mixing.
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