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The Clean Label Champ gives you control and flexibility at the lowest cost in use.

Clean Label Brochure on Watson’s MightyStrong™

MightyStrong™ Product Attributes

  • MightyStrong™ is a great product that will offer an even better economic value than other leading brands.
  • MightyStrong™ is more concentrated, which means even less non-active filler for lower shipping and warehousing costs.
  • MightyStrong™ can be used at 1- 2 oz. cwt. to replace ADA or at higher levels to replace chemical dough conditioners such as SSL and ethoxylated products.
  • MightyStrong™ can also be used to reduce gluten. For example at 8 oz. per cwt. MightyStrong™ may replace 2-4% of the added gluten in your formula for additional cost savings.
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