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Mold Inhibitors

  • No Mold™ 20: A natural, free flowing mold inhibitor from fermented whey. It inhibits mold growth in yeast raised products without affecting yeast growth.
  • Long Life Parve™: An all natural mold inhibitor for yeast raised products based on cultured sugar syrup for kosher parve declaration.
  • Coated Sorbic Acid 50%: Sorbic acid coated with vegetable oil, which prevents the sorbic acid from interfering with yeast activity. The coating melts only during the baking process, releasing the sorbic acid before completion of the bake, inhibiting mold growth in yeast raised products. Sorbic acid is a superior mold inhibitor which effectively prevents the growth of mold longer than calcium propionates.
  • Calcium Propionate 80%: Mold inhibitor for yeast raised products.
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