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Products for Tortillas

Offering a specialized line of ingredients for Tortillas

View a list of Watson’s product line for tortillas.

  • Complete tortilla bases and blends
  • Low carb bases and blends
  • UltraShort™ fat and shortening replacers
  • Stay Soft™ prevents stalling, drying and cracking while keeping tortillas soft and flexible
  • No Mold™ inhibits mold growth in tortillas for extended shelf life
  • Do Con™ tortilla conditioner for optimal extension and pliability while preventing contraction after sheeting
  • Tortilla Fortification Premixes offer a complete line of vitamin and mineral blends for the fortification of tortillas
  • Fumaric Acid 85% lowers the pH of the tortilla dough, thereby improving a mold inhibitor’s effectiveness. In wheat tortillas, fumaric acid improves dough machinability for faster production rates.
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