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Approximate sweetness of selected sweetener

Approximate sweetness of selected sweetener

Watson’s EZ-PressTM Sorbitol DC was formulated for direct compression tableting and has excellent flow and good compressibility. Applications include a direct compression diluent for tablets, compressed mints, and effervescent tablets. Tablets have good hardness, low friability, and rapid dissolution.

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol (polyol).

EZ-Press™ Sweetener

Name of sweetener Sorbitol
Calories per gram 2.6
Sweetness Index (compared to Sucrose which is 1 on the scale) 0.55
Glycemic Index 4

Description EZ-PressTM Sorbitol DC is a free flowing white powder.
Mean Particle Size 260 microns
Bulk Density 0.47 g/cc
Moisture 0.4 %
Tapped Bulk Density 0.57 g/cc
Carr’s Index* 17.5
Hausner Ratio* 1.21


Sweetness Profile

Sweetness Profile

Particle Size Distribution

Particle Size Distribution

Benefits of Sorbitol as a sweetener:

  • Taste: good flavor
  • Aftertaste: Little or none
  • Excellent mouth feel, smooth mouthfeel
  • Produces a cooling effect, which can create a refreshing sensation when combined with mint flavors.
  • Very low Glycemic Index (GI) of 4 compared to Sucrose, which is the standard with a GI of 65
  • Low GI may make Sorbitol suitable for a diabetic diet.
  • Sorbitol is found in many fruits, including apples and pears. Sorbitol is also manufactured by the human body as part of the metabolic process.
  • As with all sugar alcohols, Sorbitol is not metabolized in the oral cavity and therefore will not contribute toward tooth decay.

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