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Approximate sweetness of selected sweetener

Approximate sweetness of selected sweetener

Watson’s EZ-PressTM Sucrose DC was formulated for direct compression tableting and has excellent flow and good compressibility. Applications include a direct compression diluent for tablets. Tablets have good hardness and have desirable organoleptic qualities for chewable tablets.

Sucrose also called saccharose, and is the standard table sugar used in most homes. It is a disaccharide. Each molecule of sucrose is made up of one molecule of fructose and one molecule of glucose, linked by glycosidic linkage.

EZ-Press™ Sweetener

Name of sweetner Sucrose
Calories per gram 4
Sweetness Index (Sucrose is the standard for the sweetness scale) 1
Glycemic Index 65

Description EZ-PressTM Sucrose DC is a free flowing white powder ….
Mean Particle Size 250 microns
Bulk Density 0.56 g/cc
Moisture 0.4%
Tapped Bulk Density 0.69 g/cc
Carr’s Index * 18.8
Hausner Ratio * 1.23


Sweetness Profile

Sweetness Profile

Particle Size Distribution

Particle Size Distribution

Benefits of Sucrose as a sweetener:

  • Taste: great flavor, the standard against which all others are compared
  • Aftertaste: None
  • Excellent for chewable tablet applications
  • Low hygroscopicity

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