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What is it? How is it made?

Edible Glitter™ flakes are toppings, inclusions, and color change systems. They are pure sparkle and magic. They can be used in a wide range of applications and there are several different varieties available depending on your application.

To learn more about what Edible Glitter™ is, what it is made of, and how we make it, click here. We will give you an overview of the ingredients, history and the process we use to make these magical flakes.

You can add Edible Glitter™ to:

• Snack Chips & Popcorn
• Cookies and Crackers
• Breakfast Cereals
• Candy Coatings
• Frostings
• Bread and Baked Goods
• Anything & Everything!

Types of Edible Glitter™

There are many different types of Edible Glitter available. Visit out Edible Glitter overview page for a quick overview of each type of Edible Glitter.


Edible Glitter™ is all about color. One of the things our customers recognize immediately is that Edible Glitter™ is a unique way of delivering color.

Watson manufactures a full spectrum of colored Edible Glitter™ products using FD&C, Exempt/Non F&C, EU and other food colors. When using FD&C colors, Watson can also match a custom color using a Pantone system of color matching. Watson produces custom blends of colored Edible Glitter™.

Easy Seasonal Products

You can easily change your standard product into a seasonal item, just by adding the appropriately colored Edible Glitter™, or blend of Edible Glitters™. This makes Edible Glitter™ a great way to create a seasonal line extension without reformulating your product.

Kids love It!

Color is the first thing that often attracts us to a food. The way it is displayed in a package can influence our product choices. This is especially true when it comes to children. Edible Glitter™ appeals to children who, market studies have shown, are growing in buying influence.

Color Blends

Carnival Edible Glitter™

Carnival Edible Glitter™

We also make color blends. For example, our color blend “Carnival” will give a rainbow appearance to any product, making it irresistible to any child.

See our line of FD&C and EU Colors

See Our Line of Exempt/Non FD&C Colors

See Our Line of Metallic Pigment Colors

Edible Glitter™ Flavors

Edible Glitter™ can pack a serious flavor burst! Find out more about custom formulated Edible Glitter™ with flavors here.

Edible Glitter™ Shapes

See the various shapes we offer here.


In most applications, “soluble” Edible Glitter™ made from gum arabic is the preferred choice, and it can be used on baked, fried, and frosted products; however, some applications require a glitter product with a slower solubility rate. Watson manufactures Edible Glitter™ with various solubility rates that are ideal for use in high active water systems. Furthermore, an insoluble product is available using calcium alginate, which is stable in a water environment for a prolonged period of time.


The standard product is approximately 0.002 inches (0.05 mm) thick. Watson also manufactures 2X glitter which is twice as thick as the standard product. The thicker flake is more opaque and dissolves at a slower rate than the thinner flake.

How to use it

The answer to ‘How can’t you use Edible Glitter™?’ might be quicker to explain! Over the years, lots of creative people have come up with some fantastic ways to use Edible Glitter™, and there are more ideas being generated every day!

See slide shows and pictures of some of the creative ways people use Edible Glitter™. Compare other forms of sprinkles to Edible Glitter™ and see the benefits that Edible Glitter™ can offer.

Applications for Edible Glitter™

Edible Glitter™ can be used in so many ways, it is impossible to list all the creative applications people have come up with over the years. A partial list is shown on the “How to Use Edible Glitter™ Page.

But, as it has been said, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and we could not agree more. We think the best way to tell you about how Edible Glitter™ can be used is not to tell you at all … but to show you.

Welcome to our Magic Showcase of Edible Glitter™ … dream in color!


Edible Glitter™ covers more area with less product! Find out why on our coverage page.


Edible Glitter™ works great on all kinds of products. Visit our page about Edible Glitter stability to see some of the most common Edible Glitter uses.


Lower costs, improve your products appearance, shorten ingredient statements, and more! Visit our Edible Glitter™ benefits page

How to get it

Are you replacing Sprinkles? Use our helpful calculators to estimate the amount of Edible Glitter™ you will need to replace your existing sprinkles. We think you will be surprised to see how little you need to replace a lot of sprinkles.

Depending on your volume requirements, we have a way to get you the Edible Glitter™ you want, in a way that is convenient for you, from one small jar to a full truck load!

for Home Use

Buy Edible Glitter™ by the jar

Edible Glitter For Home USe

Small Jar of Edible Glitter™

Small Jar of Edible Glitter™

for Business Use

Buy a box of jars

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Tax Number/Vendor License Number required – Minimum Order $125/Non-USA $500

Box of Jars

Box of Jars

For quantities ranging from 1 Box to 8 Boxes

Buy Edible Glitter™ in bulk by the box

16 Lbs per box.
(Note on usage and amounts you will need: 16 lbs of Edible Glitter™ flakes provide coverage equivalent to roughly 320 lbs of Jimmies/Sprinkles)
Tax Number/Vendor License Number required

Bulk Box

Bulk Box

Buy 1-8 Boxes

For quantities of 9 or more boxes

Buy Edible Glitter™ in Bulk by the Box

16 Lbs per box.
(Note on usage and amounts you will need: 16 lbs of Edible Glitter™ flakes provide coverage equivalent to roughly 320 lbs of Jimmies/Sprinkles. Therefore, 9 boxes or 144 lbs of Edible Glitter™ is roughly equivalent to buying 2,800 lbs of Jimmies/Sprinkles)

Pallet of Boxes

Pallet of Boxes

Buy 9 or more boxes

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