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Film Technology

Watson was a pioneer in soluble and edible film technology. Our research and development on edible films started in 1960. By 1964, the original dedicated production facilities for the manufacture of edible film were built by Watson and operated under the name Polymer Films Co., Inc. Today, Watson produces films on two state of the art stainless steel drying lines equipped with 316 grade stainless steel belts. Each drying line is approximately 100 feet in length and uses HEPA-filtered drying air that is temperature and volume controlled. The lines are divided into multiple heating zones, each of which can be independently temperature-controlled to within 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of control is ideal in circumstances which require the drying of temperature-sensitive active ingredients. Belt speed is another variable which can be accurately controlled.

• Watson is cGMP compliant. See the links aboce for more information on our facilities and quality programs.

• Watson maintains a highly skilled and development group  comprised of scientists with years of experience in product development in the food industry. See link above for more information on Watson’s R&D groups.

• Watson’s Film Technology Division can produce single, dual, and triple-layered film without the need of a substrate carrier material such as PET.

• Watson’s films can be cast up to 48 inches wide, and rolls can be split into nearly any width to meet customer requirements.

• Watson’s cast film technology includes quick-dissolve, alginate-based film as a delivery device for confectionary, nutrition, and oral health applications, food grade, water-soluble, and heat sealable packaging film for ingredient portion control, buccal adhesive films which can deliver active ingredients directly to the mucosal lining of the ral cavity, and other water-soluble films for applications such as wound care and packaging film for consumer, agricultural, and industrial use.

Our expertise in film technologies, our commitment to quality, and our range of processing equipment are unmatched in the industry.

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