Green Activities

Green Activities

As a family business, we are focused on sustainability and stewardship in our company and community. We wanted to share with you some of the recent steps we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint.


Watson’s Recent Green Activities

  • We purchase 100% of our electrical energy from wind power sources, which are 100% renewable.
  • We have completed lighting retrofits, saving about 8% of our annual electric consumption.
  • We have installed motion sensors in all offices, production rooms and warehouses.
  • We have photo sensors on our parking lot lights to save electricity.
  • We replaced refrigeration units with new highly efficient models.
  • We buy energy efficient electric motors for all of our equipment needs.
  • We have replaced our forklifts with more energy-efficient AC drive forklifts with regenerative braking. This has cut in half the energy used to move product in our warehouses.
  • We have frequency drives on all our motors used in production so that we only use the minimum amount of energy needed for each process.
  • We have Atlas Copco air compressors which are oil-free and very efficient. We have a frequency drive on our main unit so that we can save energy when possible.
  • We installed energy-efficient and more sanitary hand dryers. We are using fewer paper towels.
  • We supply employees with reusable coffee cups so that we use fewer disposable cups.
  • We recycle cardboard, mixed paper, plastic, and electronic waste, including batteries. We also recycle copier toner cartridges.
  • We insulated the walls in the office with spray in foam.
  • We reorganized our transfer operations between warehouses, cutting down on traffic flow, gas consumption, and electricity use.

We have the highest quality standards for our products and the way in which we operate as a company. Watson is your partner in improving overall human health and wellness… and now environmental health as well.