A shindig of growing proportions!

Saturday, June 30th, 2018 Watson hosted a Garden Party for their Fellowship Garden Employees and their “Fellowbusiness” owners in the area. The purpose of the party was to open the Gardens for area companies with land and other resources to see how they too can use their lawns and open spaces to provide food to the hungry in Connecticut and to show appreciation to the gardeners who work tirelessly growing crops to contribute to the Connecticut Food Bank.  Our goal at Watson is to get as many local businesses as possible on board to raise food for the local food banks. The thought process is if we can get just one or two other businesses a year to tear up their lawns and grow food then we will have achieved so much more as a community all while feeding so many that go without in Connecticut.

Joining us in our quest to inundate the towns with righteous gardening knowledge was Linda Hutchings from the Connecticut Foodbank. Linda is the Procurement Manager and spoke firsthand on how food donated is distributed throughout their network of agencies to people in need and how the Grow a Row program works.

Christine Cummings and Grace Krick from A Place Called Hope, Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Center came with their ambassador birds, Barred Owl Zen and Om, a Red Tailed Hawk. Christine and Grace gave an up-close look at these beauties and explained why Raptors are indeed crucial to our ecosystem. Birds of Prey are a great addition to garden areas as they eradicate the rodents and pest animals that can damage and cause disease in a food producing area.

The Elwoods, a local band that plays consistently in the Connecticut area for good causes from pups to cancer, provided upbeat ambiance for our party guests! Rockin’ out at a good cause is always a bonus!

Dream Team Foods catered the event with a variety of sample dishes from a Tuscan Bruschetta Station to Vegetable Crudités with heavenly Dream Team branded dips. The food made was to provide examples of how one can feed oneself with just a plot. Michael Carr offered scrumptious food for 75 guests; it was punningly a field of greens.

Surprise of the day was when Moira and Gavin Watson received a Certificate of Appreciation from Rose Majestic, director of WHEAT of West Haven for the Plant a Row Program for Watson’s contributions in 2017.

Lastly, but not least, our wonderful gardeners came in support of the Watson Dream of education, motivation and a community without hunger. We often lose hours of our weekends in hope to see a better place to live for all of us, and it’s easy to give back to a company that genuinely gives so much of themselves for others. Thank you to everyone that came and even wore a funny hat. You are very much appreciated.

Please visit our facebook page for the Watson Fellowship Garden to keep up with its progress and future events.