Changing Particle Sizes of Nutrients to Suit Your Finished Product – IFT16 Roundtable

Gary Wada HeadshotWest Haven CT – Watson Inc. is proud to announce a roundtable discussion to be held at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago, Illinois.  The title of the roundtable is:  “Changing Particle Sizes of Nutrients to Suit Your Finished Product”.  Leading this discussion will be Gary Wada, Process and Technology Operations Director at Watson.  Gary Wada obtained his bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering at the Stevenson Institute of Technology. Wada has nearly 30 years of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing experience, specializing in fluid bed technology.

In regards to particle size reduction, discuss topics will include milling and micronizing. Stratification problems can be eliminated in fortification and enrichment blends, and in nutrient premixes, ensuring particles are compatible with each other. Reducing particle size can also be helpful in increasing surface area. Unique particle sizes and texture effects can be created through this process.   Wada will discuss the manufacture of particles in the 200 or 300 mesh range for a beverage system in which grittiness is an issue using a micronizing system.  Wada will also discuss the manufacture of particles that are 100 mesh for uniformity concerns using a pin mill or fitzmill.

Particle sizes can be enlarged using fluid bed granulation or agglomeration. Granulation can be useful to allow for the combination or binding of multiple powders into one particle. Wada will discuss the process by which particles can be custom built, allowing for different effects within a finished product. For example, Vitamin C is not compressible due to its crystalline structure, but when you agglomerate or granulate vitamin C, you can make it compressible. Wada will cover instantizing, a process by which a product that wants to float on the surface of water is agglomerated it to allow the water to wick through the particle, so that it disperses more easily in water.

The benefits of top spray granulation include improved flowability, improved dispersion and dissolution, reduced dustiness or static problems and enhanced uniformity.  More information is available on the company website:

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