Columbus House Christmas Donation 2018

Tis’ the month to be merry and all the elves at Watson got together to bring peace and joy to the Items for Columbus House Donationresidents of the Columbus House. The sprites here realize that not everyone’s Christmas is always Merry and Bright and in an effort to spread good Holiday Cheer Watson gifted the following to the residents of Columbus House:

  • 288 Units of Hand Sanitizer
  • 120 Dino Dig Playing Cards
  • 84 Owl Playing Cards
  • 84 Magnetic Travel Games
  • 288 Units of Freshscent Roll-On Anti-Perspirant
  • 300 Stick Lip Balm Herbal Mint
  • 540 Pieces of Men’s Crew Socks
  • 288 Pieces of DawnMist Hand Lotion
  • 300 Men’s T-shirts Assorted Colors SM-3XL
  • 260 Men’s Fleece and Sweaters
  • 780 Pairs of Men’s Boxers or Briefs
  • 780 Pairs of Women’s Boxers or Briefs
  • 142 Units of toothbrushes
  • 100 Units of toothpaste
  • Assorted bath and body washes and antibacterial hand soaps

And… Ohhhhh what a sight as the Watson Sleigh, manned by the head elf, Carlos, made an early stop at the Columbus House gates and delivered:

  • 30 Small Christmas Presents
  • 40 Medium Christmas Presents
  • 50 Large Christmas Presents
  • 65 XL Christmas Presents
  • 55 XXL Christmas Presents
  • 20 XXXL Christmas Presents

Heaped and Stuffed to the top of the stockings with brand new digs for the New Year in hopes of a prosperous new life!

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas from every one of us at Watson!

Columbus House can always use more good spirit go here and see how you can be a good elf too!