Edible Glitter™ Application Lab

Watson participated in the Prepared Food R&D Application Seminar on August 5th, holding our first Edible Glitter R&D Application Lab. This was an opportunity for R&D professionals in the food industry to work hands-on with our Edible Glitter. After a brief introduction to Edible Glitter the participants gathered at five benches to decorate frozen pizzas with Edible Glitter. The idea behind this concept was to show that Edible Glitter is bake stable. As you can see from the created pizzas and the before and after pictures, the Edible Glitter retained its color and did not burn or melt. One great application for this would be getting children to be excited about a healthier pizza option. For example if you had a whole grain pizza with fresh tomato and low fat cheese you would have an option with less sugar and fat than regular pizza and also a serving of whole grains. To encourage children to get excited by the healthier option Edible Glitter could be provided in little packets so each child could decorate their own personal pizza before it went into the oven.

After decorating the pizzas participants made cookies. They used ready to bake cookie dough and pressed Edible Glitter into the cookie dough prior to baking.

Applying Edible Glitter to frosted cookies, cheese cake, puddings, enrobed chocolates, and molded chocolates.

Participants also saw firsthand how flavored glitter can change the flavor profile of ice cream and savory snack chips.

There were also several beverage applications. Participants were able to compare fast and slow dissolving Edible Glitters with insoluble Edible Glitter in seltzer water. They were able to see how the selection of the polymer affects the dissolution rate in water based systems. Participants also tried Edible Glitter as cocktail rimmers and in an effervescent beverage called “Magic Sparkles.” Magic Sparkles used the fast dissolving gum Arabic Edible Glitter. The beverage bubbles and forms a head while the Edible Glitter swirls and changes the color of the beverage over several minutes.

At the end of the session everyone gathered around the show and tell tables to see each other’s creations.

Lots of fun was had by all.