Feeding Our Families Food Drive 2018

Watson Food Drive jackWatson Inc. started their “Fight Against Hunger” weekend working with one of our favorite organizations W.H.E.A.T of West Haven in conjunction with the West Haven, Elm Street Stop & Shop, NBC 4 New York, and Telemundo 47 to do a food drive for the Connecticut Food Bank and food banks across the tri-states. Seven dedicated employees of Watson teamed up from 9am-6pm for the Feeding Our Families single day multi-state Food Drive.

Rose Majestic of W.H.E.A.T of West Haven states that the total amount of food collected in pounds was 900 and the total money raised was $337.00. Watson is, of course, matching the funds and food received at the food drive! Calculations offered by Ms. Majestic are that it is $2 per pound of food bringing the total monetary value of the food collected to $1800 and matching the $337 makes Watson’s total donation $2,137.00.
Watson Food Drive Rose WHEAT
2018 is the second year that the Feeding Our Families event has happened. Helping food banks and local families in anti-hunger efforts has been largely successful and continues to grow. This day has essentially become one of the community’s most significant events. We need to expand and keep the momentum going until it becomes second hand to give and make sure that not one person goes hungry. These are our neighbors and our friends. You don’t realize how rampant hunger is until you get involved with an outreach project like this. It’s then you realize you have to keep doing anything you can to make sure no one ever has to wonder where their next meal is coming from.

Next up for Watson’s hunger crushing weekend will be the Walk Against Hunger event at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven Sunday, April 29th, 2018 for the Connecticut Food Bank!