Giving Tuesday 2017

Happy Giving Tuesday!

The votes are in and Giving Tuesday is a great time to say thank you for participating in our Thanksgiving charity vote.

Instead of buying Thanksgiving cards we donate the money we would have spent to charities. We e-mail our customers instead of mailing the cards and ask them to participate by voting for the charity of their choice.  Based on the vote ratio each charity receives, we divide up the donation.

Normally we donate $2,000. This year we were truly overwhelmed with the responses we received so to be fair to all the great charities we increased the funds to $3,000.

Your votes have been counted and the donations will be made as follows:

These are all fantastic charities, and ones that we support all year long in a number of ways. The Thanksgiving charity e-mail and vote not only allows us to share the giving experience with customers and help great charities but it also helps us raise awareness of these organizations.

K9 First Responders is a remarkable group that deploys nationwide after crises. Most recently they were deployed to Las Vegas after the mass shooting that took place there in October. To learn more about this group you may wish to watch this video.  It covers interviews with survivors, their colleagues, and K9FR personnel discussing the K9FR concept and its effectiveness.

Thank you again for your participation!