Watson IFT 2015 Recap

This year at IFT we featured a lot of interesting products and innovations. Below are a few of our favorites

Energy Beverage with Agar Edible Glitter™

Watson IFT prototype – Energy beverage formulated without caffeine. The custom energy premix contains B vitamins niacin, pyridoxine, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, biotin and folic acid. The beverage also contains Watson Edible Glitter™ made from insoluble agar film. The Edible Glitter™ will not dissolve in water or alcohol, and provides color that will not leach out during the shelf life of the beverage.

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Gluten Free Brownies

Families with one member who have celiac disease would prefer to all eat the same foods when possible to reduce waste and prevent contamination. Create a gluten-free brownie that is so good the whole family will eat them without feeling they are sacrificing any flavor. The solution is Watson gluten-free specialty mix can be used to produce a wide range of baked goods that taste so good, you would never guess they are gluten-free.

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Edible Glitter™ in Natural Colors

Watson showcases Edible Glitter™ with natural colors. Looks great on your products and on your label!

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