K9 First Responders Jacket Donation 2017

Uniformity is a signifying factor to relief in tragedy or traumatic events. When people look for aid in a climactic situation, they tend to lean toward recognizable stable indicators. From Police to EMT to Fireman, this instant recognition can be the symbol that breaches a life and death moment. The K9 First Responders goals are connecting and engaging with those impacted by psychological trauma, reestablishing emotional and cognitive equilibrium, and fostering resilience.

Watson felt it only fitting to provide the team at K9FR with jackets for consistency, recognition, and protection but also to act as a symbol for all of the good to come. Bold letters and bold colors make the K9 First Responders a beacon in a crowd, positive reinforcement and easily recognizable symbol regardless of location for people and themselves alike. K9 First Responders, Inc. (K9FR) is a Critical Incident Mental Health Support (CIMHS) organization. K9FR Teams bridge the gap between a traumatic event and the connection to mental health services. K9FR is a compassionate presence leveraging the human-canine bond helping restore a person’s emotional and cognitive equilibrium. The first contact with an impacted individual is important. The first contact managed in a respectful and compassionate way can help establish an effective helping relationship and increase the person’s receptiveness for further help.” The K9FR Teams are trained in psychosocial supports assisting victims of disaster, catastrophe, crisis or violence. K9FR serve the communities and individuals as well as Police, Fire, EMS and other Public Safety Personnel.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to the K9 First Responders, please visit https://k9fr.org/contact/ for more information.