New Innovative Concepts for Tablet Identification and Odors Masking.

Colored DC Edible Glitter™ creates a distinctive appearance:

  • Makes identification easy for consumer
  • Makes counterfeiting difficult
  • Attractive appearance can improve acceptance with children
  • Flavored DC Edible Glitter™ can mask undesirable odors associated with some nutrients and improve consumer acceptance

Forms available:

  • Colored DC Edible Glitter™ is available in FD&C, EU, and natural colors.
  • Pantone matching is also available. DC Edible Glitter™ can also be flavored. Custom flavors are available.


  • DC Edible Glitter™ can be integrated into a directly compressible tablet
  • DC Edible Glitter™ can be applied to the outside of the tablet with the coating