Pillow Donation to Columbus House

On September 14th, 2017 Watson sent 42 brand new, very, very comfortable and squishy pillows to the Middlesex Family Shelter and Wallingford Emergency Shelter. Columbus House runs the facilities mentioned above. The Middlesex Family Shelter, located in Middletown, CT., provides beds and case management for up to 50 families per year, including as many as 150 or more dependent children. The Wallingford Emergency Shelter located in Wallingford, CT., provides beds, meals and case management for approximately 50 single adult men, women and average 12 families per year. We at Watson are hoping someone sleeps better tonight! Thank you again to businesses like Kohls for allowing us to take advantage of your incredible deals, buy bulk and send so many people much-needed comfort! Find out how you too can help by visiting http://www.columbushouse.org.