SSW VendorBrief 2015

Knowing Your Product Meets Label Claim


Speaker: Alice Wilkinson Watson’s Vice President Nutritional Innovation

About Alice
Alice Wilkinson has been working at Watson for 16 years and is currently the Vice President Nutritional Innovation. She attended the University of Connecticut where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and her Master’s degree in Food Science.

In this presentation, Wilkinson explains why knowing a product meets label claim is crucial to the brand manufacturer.

  • The brand manufacturer needs a comprehensive understanding of the critical control points that influence the quality of the end product.
  • In the nutrition industry, effective quality control is essential. When a product contains lower nutrient levels than stated on the label, quality control procedures are failing.
  • Participants will learn what factors manufacturers should be most concerned about and what steps to take to ensure label claims are met.
  • Wilkinson will also outline what should be considered in nutritional formulation, from nutrient form selection to processing conditions, calculation of overages, supplier quality programs, packaging considerations, shelf life, and stability testing.