Watson and

A Place Called Hope

There are small organizations throughout the state of Connecticut that do incredibly good deeds, run entirely by volunteers who have to keep day jobs and rely only on donations and volunteers only to survive. One of the good organizations that are having to do this is A Place Called Hope, Inc. (APCH). APCH is a licensed Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitator with both State and a Federal Permits active. APCH specializes in the care of Birds of Prey specifically eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, harriers, kites and osprey.

APCH also attend to corvids better known as crows, ravens and blue jays. The black and turkey vulture are also included. APCH’s goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release each bird back into the wild whenever possible. There are sometimes injuries that make it impossible for a bird to survive on its own back in the wild. If suitable for the bird’s disposition, A Place Called Hope has special permission from US Fish and Wildlife to house and train each bird to become a part of our Educational Programs. The birds then take on a new role as ambassadors of their particular species telling their own stories of survival.

Raptors have immense value in our ecological system. The larger of the species can control numbers of the small to medium mammals, which include problem species along with pests. These species can vary from poisonous snakes, a variety of rodents and other animals that may help in the spread of rabies. Smaller species of raptors can have a diet of insects, amphibians, little birds and rodents as well. All birds of prey have carrion in their food source, which contributes to a cleaner, disease and smell-free landscape. The disappearance of birds of prey out of your environment could provide and be a sign of a severe environmental problem.

Watson not only donates monetarily to A Place Called Hope but employee Christina Cole volunteers time on the grounds to help the birds as well. Our company has purchased and given toys for avian enrichment. Items that can no longer be used at Watson due to strict codes for a food industry company that would usually be thrown out and take up space in a landfill have been able to be used by APCH. These items surprisingly enough were listed on their wish list. For example, Watson gave large garbage bags and ziplock bags that were obsolete here but were perfect for clean up and food storage. Metal product storage barrels that would usually cost a fortune to dispose of and also take up space at the dump are repurposed to house food for ducks, geese, and most any bird that comes to live on the grounds. The bird’s seed and other food’s life are extended and it eliminates the chance of rodents getting into containers and contaminating the feed as well. From mail to the purchase of vegetables every little thing helps. If you are interested in volunteering or perhaps filling some of

the wish lists needs please go to http://www.aplacecalledhoperaptors.com/ to see how you can help. The #Watsonway incorporates ways of going greener and helping others at the same time.