Watson Announces Prototypes to Be Shown at IBIE 2016

Watson Inc. will be exhibiting at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE).  IBIE is produced by the American Bakers Association (ABA) and the Baking Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds (BEMA). The exposition takes place in Las Vegas, NV from October 8 to 11, 2016.

For the 2016 IBIE, Watson will focus on the following solutions and innovations:  Clean Label Solutions, Improved Nutritional Profile, Gluten Free Mixes, and Icing Stabilizers.  Watson will also showcase its line of dough conditioners, as well as VitaBoostTM, which provides 10 essential vitamins and minerals for gluten-free foods.

Watson will also be sampling products at their booth.  Among the products being sampled is Watson new BetaBagelTM, made from Watson’s BetaBagelTM Mix, which can bear the BetaBagelTM trademark.  These bagels are a perfect fit for the breakfast-all-day trend. BetaBagelTM Mix is formulated to provide beta-glucan for heart health, as well as a balanced nutrient profile.

Another product available to be sampled at the Watson booth is gluten-free brownies.  These brownies are made with our gluten-free mix, they have a moist, fudgy texture.  These specially-formulated, gluten-free brownies have a  flavor-profile and texture are that are indistinguishable from traditional brownies made with wheat flour.

With a focus on their newly improved line of icing stabilizers this year, Watson will also be serving samples of snack cakes.  The icing on these snack cakes is made with Watson’s UltraSetTM Icing stabilizer.

More information on Watson’s main booth at IBIE can be found here: http://info.watson-inc.com/ibie-2016-watson-inc

About Watson:

To make quality baked goods, it takes more than just quality ingredients. It takes the support of experts in baking technology. Watson believes that all products must first be tested and proved in our bake lab prior to shipment to our customers. We provide our customers with complete support. We help our customers make formula adjustments, customize our ingredients to suit their needs, and guarantee optimal performance. We are continuously developing products so that you can benefit from the latest in baking technology. Learn more here: www.watson-inc.com.


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