Watson announces Roundtable Discussion on Microencapsulation at the 2016 IFT Food Expo

Gary Wada HeadshotWest Haven CT – Watson Inc. is proud to announce a roundtable discussion to be held at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago, Illinois. The title of the roundtable is “Beyond Masking Taste & Improving Stability – the Benefits & Technology Behind Today’s Innovative Microencapsulation Techniques”. The discussion will be held in a meeting room at the Watson booth on the IFT show floor. Leading this discussion will be Gary Wada, Process and Technology Operations Director at Watson.  Gary Wada obtained his bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering at the Stevenson Institute of Technology. Wada has nearly 30 years of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing experience, specializing in fluid bed technology.

Microencapsulation is more than just masking flavors or improving stability. Encapsulation also allows for changing physical properties such as color or form, for example changing an oil into a free-flowing powder. Microencapsulation can also be employed to control or delay the release of an active.

In this roundtable discussion, Wada will explain the applications and benefits of different microencapsulation technologies, such as hot melt, solvent-based, aqueous, and spray drying.  Electron microscope photography used in the presentation will help to illustrate the evaluation of a microencapsulation matrix.

Encapsulation is critical to such products as medical foods, nutraceuticals, and meal-replacement products, where characteristics such as stability, bioavailability, delivery, and effectiveness are closely regulated.

In the roundtable, participants will discuss control of release point, or release parameters. Through controlled-release micro-encapsulation, formulators control when the core or active material is released. In this way, active material can be released at a specific pH, or temperature. Flavors can be released during chewing. Reactive materials can be released at the point in the process where the chemical reaction is desired. The release mechanism may be a specific condition, such as the change in pH, the introduction of a chemical agent, a temperature point, application of pressure, increase in moisture level, or other condition.

Additional information on microencapsulation can be found on the company website: http://watsoninc.wpengine.com/our-capabilities/microencapsulation/

Additional information on this and other events, as well as registration information, can be found on the Watson website at this link http://info.watson-inc.com/ift-2016

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