Watson Announces Roundtable Discussion on Spray Drying at the 2016 IFT Food Expo

Alice WilkinsonWest Haven CT – Watson Inc. is proud to announce a roundtable discussion to be held at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago, Illinois.  The title of the roundtable is “Innovation in Spray Drying Technology”.  The discussion will be held in a meeting room at the Watson booth on the IFT show floor.  Leading the discussion will be Alice Wilkinson, Vice President of Innovation at Watson.

Spray driers are very effective; in a single step, they can turn a solution into a dried powder. Dry powders are often easier to handle in production, allowing ingredients that would otherwise be liquids to be incorporated into dry powder blends such as premixes. The resulting powders formed from the spray-drying process are free-flowing and easy to handle and scale.

In the roundtable discussion, Wilkinson will review how a spray drier works by separating the solids from a liquid through evaporation. To do this, a liquid is sprayed through a nozzle into a hot vapor stream. The solids form from the liquid as the moisture leaves the droplets. The solid is then collected as it passes through the outlet.

Wilkinson will also review the differences between the particles made by fluidbed and and those formed via spray-dried microencapsulation. Examples for spray drying applications include the fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E. When spray dried, these vitamins are much more stable for shelf life, however there will always be some amount of surface oil.

Participants will discuss the functionality changes created by the makeup of the emulsions.  Wilkinson will lead the discussion to cover typical emulsions, micellar dispersions, and colloidal dispersions.  Examples will be shown to illustrate the differences in the finished particles resulting from the type of emulsion utilized.

Additional information on spray drying can be found on the company website: http://watsoninc.wpengine.com/our-capabilities/spray-drying/

Additional information on this and other events, as well as registration information, can be found on the Watson website at this link: http://info.watson-inc.com/ift-2016

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