Watson Announces two Application Labs will be offered on Edible Glitter™ at the Prepared Foods’ R&D Application Seminar

West Haven CT – Watson Inc. is proud to announce that two Application Labs will be offered on Edible Glitter™ at the Prepared Foods’ R&D Application Seminar, taking place this month in Chicago, IL.  The seminar will be held at the Westin Lombard on August 16th and 17th, and is a  2-day, practical-applications-oriented event, intended to address specific application challenges encountered by food & beverage industry formulators. Both Edible Glitter™ application labs will take place on the first day of the seminar, starting at 10:30 AM and again at 1:30 PM.  Each application lab will run one hour and fifteen minutes long, and will start with a brief product introduction, after which up to 50 participants will be able to circulate among 5 activity tables for a hands-on experience.

The first application lab will cover the use of Edible Glitter™as a unique color delivery system and a visual cue, for applications such as breakfast cereal.  The Nature Colors line of Edible Glitter™, for example, can be helpful in cereal formulations where a plant-based color is preferred.  Also covered in the first application lab will be Edible Glitter™as a novel color and flavor delivery system on food products such as pizzas or macaroni and cheese.  This application illustrates the use of Edible Glitter™to allow children to interact and personalize their meals in both appearance and flavor. Session one will also provide participants with the opportunity to try applying edible glitter onto salty snacks as well as onto the enrobing coat of nutrition and snack bars.  All activities are hands-on, and will allow participants to use their creativity to experiment with the use of color and flavor on a wide range of food products.

The second application lab will feature a range of bakery applications.  Participants will apply Edible Glitter to raw cookie dough, which will be baked during the session, illustrating the product’s heat-stability.  In this session, additional sweet goods such as donuts, brownies, and cupcakes will be decorated with Edible Glitter™.  Session two will also provide participants the opportunity to experiment with Edible Glitter™ in beverage applications, and to see a range of confectionery products made with Edible Glitter™.

At the end of each session, participants will be encouraged to view the range of prototypes made during the application labs.  All sessions will conclude with a brief question-and-answer period. Additional information on Edible Glitter™ is available on the company website at this link.

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