Watson Inc. Celebrates National Doughnut Day 2015

Watson Inc. Celebrates National Doughnut Day on June 5th with Edible Glitter™ for Doughnuts

West Haven CT – Watson Inc. was inspired by National Doughnut Day! According to Wikipedia, National Donut Day is on the first Friday of June, succeeding the Doughnut Day event created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the men and women who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Doughnut_Day.

Watson challenged its marketing and research & development teams to explore the applications of Watson’s Edible Glitter™ on doughnuts in honor of National Doughnut day. Edible Glitter™ was originally developed as a cake decoration, but has strong applications in a wide range of food products.

In researching applications for doughnuts, it was determined that Edible Glitter™ had unique applications in two types of doughnuts, the powdered sugar and the glazed. The ultra-thin, lightweight flakes adhere easily to the surface of both glazed doughnuts and powdered sugar doughnuts. Other types of sprinkles, such as “Jimmies”, “shots”, coarse colored sugars, or nonpareils would not be able to stick to a powdered sugar doughnut, or even a lightly glazed doughnut. Typically, traditional sprinkles of this type need to be applied to a thick layer of fresh icing or frosting in order to adhere properly.

Edible Glitter’s™ unique qualities provide a way to deliver eye-catching color to powdered sugar and glazed doughnuts. In fact, the glaze does not even need to be freshly applied in order for the Edible Glitter™ to adhere. Even 24 hours after glazing, Edible Glitter™ still adheres readily. This would allow for colored Edible Glitter™ to be applied at the time of purchase, and provide the opportunity to offer just-in-time, on-demand decorating. In this way, a retail shop could also decorate doughnuts by request for their customers. Applications would include decoration in school team or baby shower colors, birthday parties, holidays, and the Super Bowl!

Edible Glitter™ also imparts minimal mouth-feel. This may often be preferred by many consumers, who like the soft texture of a donut but do not want the hard crunch of a traditional sprinkle or candied topping.

Edible Glitter™ also contains no sugar or hydrogenated vegetable oil, which makes it more “label friendly” than traditional sprinkles.

Lastly, Edible Glitter™ provides great coverage. Due to the light weight and ultra-thin flake achieved though Watson’s cast film technology, the glitter will cover 20 times the amount of donuts as Jimmies or shots would, pound-for-pound. That means that one pound of glitter will cover as many donuts as 20 pounds of Jimmies or shots, and yet the visual impact will be the same. This can translate into significant cost savings for the baker. Typical customers can save 30% on the costs of their topping by switching to Edible Glitter™ from Jimmies or shots.

You can find additional information on Watson’s cast film technology here. You can also find more information on Edible Glitter™ applications on our blog. Watson will be celebrating National Doughnut Day through a series of social media posts using #NationalDoughnutDay.

About Watson:

Watson is a pioneer in soluble and edible film technology. Our research and development on edible films began in 1960. By 1964, the original dedicated production facilities for the manufacture of edible films were built by Watson, and the film line operated under the name Polymer Films Co., Inc.

Today, Watson produces films on two state-of-the-art, stainless steel drying lines equipped with 316 grade stainless steel belts. Each drying line is approximately 100 feet in length and uses Hepa-filtered drying air that is temperature and volume controlled. The lines are divided into multiple heating zones, each of which can be independently temperature-controlled to within 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of control is ideal in circumstances which require the drying of temperature-sensitive active ingredients. Belt speed is another variable which can be accurately and precisely controlled.


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