Westies Award Dinner 2018

On Monday, April 9th, 2018, Watson Inc. joined a great many diligent and dedicated people to celebrate awards given for service to their community by The Westies Care Charity. Westies Care is a Tax Exempt, Charity with a 501 © 3 designation.  The Westies do not have paid employees or board members but is run in its entirety by volunteers. The Westies are people who work tirelessly to raise funds for causes such as; breast cancer, The Heart Association, MS, W.H.E.A.T of West Haven, The CT Food Bank, and many, many others. This year we are pleased to accept an award from this generous organization for Business of the Year. In addition to that most prestigious honor, Watson also received the Special Recognition Award by the Honorable Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro and an Official Citation from the Office of Mayor Nancy R. Rossi. We are so proud of our businesses dedication to the community and our employees who dedicate much of their downtime to give back to West Haven. We all know you are as good as you put in and only strive to make our place in Connecticut be as good as it can be.

The Awards Ceremony was an elegant dedication to many community leaders and achievers as well as 23 West Haven High School Students.  One of these students was the son of Watson’s Karina Martinez, Franco Acuna. Though his award was entirely separate from Watson Inc., we would still like to congratulate him and express how proud we are of his contributions!

We are continually grateful to be a part of and to be able to serve this great community! Watson looks forward to many more years of service and relationships with the many people that make this area a beautifully unique place to work and live. Thank you Westies Care and everyone for the continued support and helping us to make a difference all while allowing us to make a difference through you!

In recognition of all the wonderful, deserving people who won awards that evening here is a list of the honorees.

Award Presentations

  • Person of the Year Raymond Vernet
  • Lifetime Award, Public Service Gayle Slossberg
  • Lifetime Award, Education Nancy Paone
  • Deb Hutchinson Award, Volunteerism & Community Outreach Roberta O’Brien
  • Lifetime Award, Business & Community Watson Inc.
  • Lifetime Award, Youth Athletics Richard Pyrdol, Sr.
  • Lifetime Award, Education Ron Conlan

Student Honorees

West Haven High School

  • Lest Appiah
  • Fatima Al Rashed
  • Rebecca Cummings
  • Jillian Doherty
  • Marissa deNicolo
  • Matthew Dowd
  • Betsy Magana
  • Arielle Marinduque
  • David O’Brien
  • Chelsea Osei
  • EJ Pacapelli
  • Megan Patterson
  • Jeremy Tammaro
  • Daryielle Walton-Brontley
  • Kimberly Wilson

Notre Dame High School, West Haven

  • Franco Acuna
  • Patrick Richardson

Laurelton Hall

  • Elyssa Dalaker

Platt Technical High School

  • Mark White
  • Joe Stacy

Sound School

  • Mya Rose Izabal
  • Kelly Roper

Engineering & Science University Magnet School

  • Jeremy Amoro


  • Depew Family Scholarship
  • Lorilee “Lori” Grenfell Memorial Scholarship
  • Daniel Liscio Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • MacDonald- Hawes Family Scholarships (3)
  • Joseph and Ana Rodriguez Family Scholarships (2)
  • Rivera Family Scholarships (4)
  • Vertical Outreach Scholarship
  • Watson Family Scholarship (2)
  • Deb Hutchinson Memorial Award (2)
  • Westies Care Alumni Awards (5)

Congratulations to all the recipients!