Westie’s Toy Drive

Throughout December Watson collected toys upon toys for the annual Westies Care 2nd Annual Care and Share Christmas Celebration hosted by the First Congregational Church of West Haven, the West Haven Community Center & Vertical Church. Westies Care hosts 200 Children and Caregivers, provides them a Christmas Meal, Gifts, and Fellowship. Interested guests must register with the West Haven Family Resource Center. The Westies are always looking for sponsors to provide Gifts, Gift Cards, and Monetary Donations. All donations are Tax Deductible. Watson looks forward to doing this every year for the children as well as participating in helping serve the meals. 2017 raked in an astounding amount of toys, which required three different trips on three separate days. The first pick up we are sure the Westie’s representative had toys to his roof and needed flaggers to help him see where to go leaving the parking lot.

Watson is thrilled that we are considered a primary sponsor and were able to provide enough toys for two separate events. 2017’s event brought over 275 meals, gifts to 150 families with the surplus going to Joe Rodrigues’ New Britain McDonalds who hosts an annual Three Kings Celebration. The Three Kings Celebration is also known as Epiphany. Epiphany is celebrated 12 days after Christmas on January 6th (January 19th for Orthodox Churches who have Christmas on January 7th.) and is the time for people of their denomination to remember when the Wise Men visited Jesus. During this holiday January 6th is typically the day when children receive their presents. Watson would like to thank our dedicated employees that helped serve and deliver meals along with collect presents to make many children’s holidays unforgettable!

Amit Sinha, Watson’s Process Innovation Engineer, organizes the Soup Kitchen participation for Watson employees. Here are a few words from Amit.

“Watson’s visit to the Soup Kitchen helped to make the night just a little more special for those that came for the Christmas dinner on Friday, December 22, 2017. Pu Sie Lo and Ivette Colon were two of our volunteers who helped serve the meals. The event typically serves meals in a buffet style fashion, however, this year they opted for a restaurant-style atmosphere. The goal is to make everyone feel special when they come for their meal, hence the restaurant style treatment. The meal included ham, beef, steamed veggies, mashed potato, and dessert. The attendance of Santa made supper that much more special. Do join Watson’s team next time at the soup kitchen! You will get a good feeling once you participate!” To sign up to participate in Watson’s Soup Kitchen nights, please contact Amit Sinha at amit.sinha@watson-inc.com.