Yes we Can Can help the hungry!

Visit the WHEAT website, and the one consistent thing you will find is a list of what they need to feed the hungry. The list changes but the hunger doesn’t. Often we take for granted the variety in our lives, especially when you look at the very basics that keep an individual or family from starving. Much like the list on WHEAT’s website. Hot Cereals and hearty soups top that list along with plain pasta, and jelly. There is always a need for Jelly.
Winter months hit the hardest as the flux of homegrown, fresh vegetables from farms and other supporters like Watson come to a screeching halt! And though the need for wholesome, robust food is there, it doubles during the cold seasons.

This January Shoprite and its World’s Greatest Can Can Sale filled empty shelves for WHEATS patrons with the help of some savvy Watson shoppers. ForCans on grocery belt the last 48 years, ShopRite’s annual Can Can sale is something that customers haven’t been able to get enough of. Consumers can take advantage of extraordinarily low prices on winter foods such as pasta, canned soups, canned tomatoes and olive oil to name a few items. Watson has used this sale as an opportunity to double their money and double the food to create many more meals for the West Haven area. One hundred twenty cans of Progresso soup could go a long way, but why would we stop there? Instead, we bring a friend and a few extra grocery carts and make that number 240 varieties of soup and so on and so on.

January 11th, 2018 Watson made a not so little pit stop filled six shopping baskets and the little Kia that could and delivered a heaping amount of food to Rose Majestic and her staff at WHEAT of West Haven.

Even if you can’t do six baskets, even a few extra bags could help a family in need. Pick ten at a $1.00 each is a pretty good deal and you would be much appreciated at WHEAT.