Easy 8 Bread- Clean Label, Great Taste

WATSON- IFT 2014 EASY 8-BREAD (3)Watson Foods Company, Inc.- West Haven, CT
At IFT this year, Watson is presenting their Easy 8 Bread. With only 8 ingredients, the bread boasts a clean label and a great taste.

Although there is no firm definition for clean label, it generally refers to an ingredient statement that is short and simple to read. Demand is increasing on behalf of consumers for ingredient statements with products they feel are safe and can trust. An example label statement for Easy 8 Bread is whole wheat flour, water, brown sugar, yeast, wheat gluten, cultured wheat starch, salt and soybean oil.

Watson offers a full range of solutions for clean label baking that facilitate formulation for a wide range of clean label baked goods. Among these are Mighty Strong™, Soft n’ Mighty™, Oven Spring™ 910 or 911, Stay Soft™, No Mold™ and Long Life Parve™.

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