Edible Glitter, A Sweet Sugar-Free Solution

Watson Foods Company, Inc.- West Haven, CT
Great things often come in small packages. This is definitely the case with Watson’s Edible Glitter, free from sugar, available at IFT this year. Watson offers Edible Glitter and Flavored Edible Glitter with a variety of solubility options.

Available in different shapes and sizes, Watson’s Edible Glitter adds an attractive touch to a wide range of food products. The standard glitter product is approx. 2 mil thick. Color and a non-nutritive sweetener such as sucralose, Acesulfame K, Splenda, or Nutrasweet can be added without impacting the nutritional panel, contributing to a clean label.

Freeze/Thaw Stable and Heat Stable, Edible glitter is sugar free and carbohydrate free and adds no calories to your product. Glitter can be used on everything from candy and snack chips to beverages and beyond.

For additional information please contact:
Address: Watson Inc, 301 Heffernan Drive West Haven CT 06516.
Phone: 1-800-388-34381 or 203-932-3000
Email: info@watson-inc.com
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