Energy Without the Jitters in Watson’s Spark Premix

premixes-beveragesWatson Foods Company, Inc.- West Haven CT
An energy beverage is the go-to for many seeking a little extra help staying alert. Watson Inc. has developed a premix that can provide the clarity and energy many are looking for, without the supplements consumers consider unsafe.

Over the past few years, the energy drink industry has generated a lot of attention, both in the form of loyal followers and negative news regarding its consumption. For consumers seeking an alternative they feel is safer, Watson’s Spark Premix is an attractive option, as it delivers the energy, clarity and mental focus, while leaving out caffeine, glucuronolactone, inositol, milk thistle extract, guarana and taurine.

Watson’s Spark Premix also increases physical energy and stamina without the jittery or hyper after effect. Energy blends like Spark can be used in beverages, bars, and supplements.

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