Watson Inc. Introduces Nutri-Knowledge℠

Watson Inc. Introduces Nutri-Knowledge℠, a Comprehensive Database of Nutritional Information for the Food and Dietary Supplement Professional.

West Haven CT – Watson Inc. introduces Nutri-Knowledge℠, a database that makes researching vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other macro- and micronutrients quick and easy. All the information is in one place and organized for efficient review of content.

Watson’s Nutri-Knowledge℠ database is easy to navigate and provides information such as an overview of each nutrient, alternative names, common forms of that nutrient, recommended intakes, health benefits, deficiencies, and links to recent studies.

Information can be obtained by direct search for a nutrient by name, by selection of a nutrient from a list, or by selection of a health condition. If a health condition is selected, a list of micro- and macronutrients related to that topic is displayed. Examples of health condition-specific searches include bone health, eye health, and immunity, as well as woman’s health or men’s health.

Nutri-Knowledge℠ can be accessed from our home page www.watson-inc.com or http://watsoninc.wpengine.com/nutri-knowledge/. For easy access to this time saving tool, book mark or save a link to this site on your browser.

Nutri-Knowledge℠ was designed for use by professionals in the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries, as well as media researchers and consumers looking to learn more about the health benefits of specific nutrients.

About Watson:

Watson is one of the highest quality suppliers of products and services geared towards enhancing human health and nutrition around the world. We are a leader in developing quality products and innovative ingredient systems for the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries.


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