Trituration Technology compared to Blends

Watson Inc. Publishes Webinar on Trituration Technology compared to Blends, as used in Value Added Nutrient Premix Applications for the Food and Supplement Industry

West Haven CT – Watson Inc. published a 4 minute on-demand webinar designed to explain the differences between a true trituration and a blend. This Webinar, entitled, “Trituration Technology used in Value Added Nutrient Premix Applications”, is the fourth in a series of five on-demand webinars which will be made available this spring.

The speaker for this series is Alice Wilkinson; one of the foremost industry-recognized experts in the field of nutritional formulation. In this webinar, Wilkinson explains the ways that true triturations are different from blends, which are often utilized in the place of a trituration. Electron microscope photographs and illustrations are used to show the dramatic differences, explaining the application for each technology and why, in some cases, a trituration must be used.

Wilkinson shows an example of two vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) samples.  Both are 1% active material. One sample is a blend while the other is a true trituration.  In the blend one particle out of every 100 particles is Cyanocobalamin.  In the other sample, a trituration, every particle is identical. The electron microscope photos show the true difference. In the webinar, Wilkinson explains when and why it is critical to ensure that your supplier is using a trituration, and not a blend.

This webinar and others in the series are available for viewing at Additional slides from this webinar as are available upon request. Slides provide a convenient and useful reference for each nutrient, including benefits of the nutrient, chemical structure, commercial forms available and challenges presented by formulating with the nutrient.  Requests for slides can be made at

About Alice Wilkinson:

Alice Wilkinson has been working at Watson for 15 years and is currently the Vice President of Nutritional Innovation. She attended the University of Connecticut, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and her Master’s degree in Food Science.

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