Watson to Speak on Spray Drying Technology at the Prepared Foods R&D Applications Seminar in Chicago

For Immediate Release                                                                           August 10, 2016

Watson to Speak on Spray Drying Technology at the Prepared Foods R&D Applications Seminar in Chicago

West Haven CT – Watson Inc. is proud to announce that Amit Sinha, Process Innovation Engineer, will be a speaker at the Prepared Foods’ R&D Application Seminar, taking place this month in Chicago, IL.  The seminar will be held at the Westin Lombard on August 16th and 17th, and is to be a 2-day, practical applications-oriented event, dedicated to further educating the food & beverage industry’s formulators on specific application challenges. Amit’s presentation will take place on the second day of the seminar, starting at 9:15 AM.  The title of Amit’s presentation is “What is Spray Drying Microencapsulation?”.

In his presentation, Amit will cover topics explaining everything from the basics: what a spray drier and spray-drying microencapsulation is – to how spray drying for microencapsulation differs from fluid bed processes. Also discussed will be the key points of difference in the process of spray drying for encapsulation, how the spray drying process turns liquids into powders, starts with an emulsion or dispersion, and how spray dried materials are not fully encapsulated

Examples of spray drying for encapsulation include fat-soluble vitamins and healthy lipids.

Amit will also review innovation in Spray Drying Technology.  In spray drying, you can have huge functionality changes depending upon how you make up the emulsions.  Typical emulsions, as well as micellular dispersions and colloidal dispersions, will be discussed.

Also covered in the presentation will be a discussion of common factors affecting spray drying.  There are several spray-drying parameters that must be considered when selecting the optimal method to produce your dry powder.   Manufacturers must determine product moisture and particle size requirement, as these can impact atomizer choice. Selecting the right atomizer can also impact your product color, as particle size and color are intertwined. Furthermore, if a nozzle is chosen, whether the nozzle is being used as part of a co-current flow or counter-current flow is another variable to consider, as residence time in the dryer and particle size of the powder are impacted.

Another factor is order of addition of raw materials, which can impact the viability of the emulsion or solution to be spray dried. Slurry temperature can also impact the viscosity of the material to be pumped. Additional information on spray drying is available on the company website at this link.

Watson has also made available additional information on a variety of microencapsulation technologies on their website.


About Amit Sinha:

Amit Sinha has been working in the food and beverage industry for over 10 years. Currently, he is working at Watson Inc. as a Process Innovation Engineer. Amit has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of South Carolina, along with an MBA in Marketing from Regis University.

About Watson:

Watson is one of the highest-quality suppliers of products and services geared towards enhancing human health and nutrition around the world. We are a leader in developing quality products and innovative ingredient systems for the food, beverage, and supplement industries. Expertise in custom nutrient premixes, microencapsulation, agglomeration, micronizing, spray drying, and film technology allows us to develop unique formulations and products, using Watson manufactured, value-added ingredients. For more information on Watson Inc., see www.watson-inc.com.


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