Flavonoids assist in improving the function of vitamin C and protects it from oxidation.  They fall under the category of phytochemicals, meaning that they are produced and accumulate in plants.


Flavonoids are essential for blood vessel health and lowering blood pressure.  As an antioxidant, flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties.

Forms Available

Recommended Intake

There are no official intake values yet for flavonoids, as more research needs to be conducted.


Flavonoids are very commonly found in the average diet; a deficiency is unlikely.

Sources in the Diet

Edible pulp of citrus fruits, rose hips, apricots, cherries, grapes, black currants, green pepper, broccoli, onions, and tomatoes are good sources.  Green tea and red wine have several flavonoids as well as many herbs: billberry, hawthorn, ginkgo, and milk thistle.

Recent Studies and Articles

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Challenges Presented

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