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What is Clean Label?

There is really no firm definition of what clean label is. Generally, when consumers say they want clean label products, they are looking for products with ingredient statements that are short and simple. They are looking for words that are familiar to them and that associate with ingredients they would find in their own kitchen. Sometimes advertisements for clean label products illustrate that an ingredient statement should be so simple that a young child can read it easily.

An example of an ingredient statement that would resonate well with consumers looking for clean label products would be: whole wheat flour, water, brown sugar, vital wheat gluten, soy oil, yeast, salt, cultured wheat flour, contains 2% or less of ascorbic acid, enzymes.

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Watch Watson’s Technical Services for the Bakery Ingredients Division Dr. Michael Beavan give an overview of Clean Label Ingredients

Seizing the Market Opportunity

The consumer demand for clean label ingredients has opened a door of opportunity. Consumers are looking for products they feel are safe and free of chemical-sounding ingredients and products that they can trust. Moreover, they still expect the same level of quality, flavor, and shelf life but with friendly sounding ingredients. This presents a challenge to the industry but a great opportunity to those who can reformulate to address these needs. At Watson, we believe that you can produce a high quality, great tasting baked product with an extended shelf life and ingredients that are very consumer friendly.

People Who Care about Your Success

We have the innovative ingredients to accelerate your clean label market success and we have the clean label experts who will help ensure your market success. From the PhDs in our Bakery R&D Laboratory to our AIB Certified Baking Technologies, our knowledgeable technical sales team and our quality and regulatory department are all committed to providing you the solutions to overcome your challenges and the technology to power your innovation.

Introducing MightyStrong™

The Clean Label Champ gives you control and flexibility at the lowest cost in use.

  • MightyStrong™ is a great product that will offer an even better economic value than other leading brands.
  • MightyStrong™ is more concentrated, which means even less non-active filler for lower shipping and warehousing costs.
  • MightyStrong™ can be used at 1-2 oz. cwt. to replace ADA or at higher levels to replace chemical dough conditioners such as SSL and ethoxylated products.
  • MightyStrong™ can also be used to reduce gluten. For example at 8 oz. per cwt. MightyStrong™ may replace 2-4% of the added gluten in your formula for additional cost savings.

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