Soft n’ Mighty™

Soft n’ Mighty™

Our Soft n’ Mighty™ line of combination natural dough conditioners and crumb softeners for baked goods. Soft n’ Mighty™ will supplement, reduce or eliminate chemical dough conditioners including SSL, DATEM, azodicarbonamide, mono-and diglycerides and ethoxylated mono and diglycerides. Soft n’ Mighty™ can be used to easily convert your existing formulation to “all natural,” or as a complete, stand-alone “bakery proven” natural dough conditioner. Soft n’ Mighty™ works in conjunction with your existing enzyme systems to provide superior softness throughout your baked product shelf life. CLICK HERE TO SEE DATA.

Soft n’ Mighty™ Product Attributes

  • Soft n’ Mighty™ cleans up product label by shortening the ingredient list and removing ingredients with chemical sounding names.
  • Soft n’ Mighty™ is considered natural for bread packaging labeling.
  • Soft n’ Mighty™ will supplement, reduce or eliminate listed dough conditioners for strength and softness.
  • Soft n’ Mighty™ allows for easy conversion of existing non-“natural” formulations to “natural.”
  • Soft n’ Mighty™ works in concert with Watson’s No Mold™ and Stay$oft™ for a superior natural bread.
  • Soft n’ Mighty™ PLUS contains Soft n’ Mighty™ plus Stay$oft™ in a convenient single dose Sol-U-Pak™.
  • Soft n’ Mighty™ can be supplied in Sol-U-Pak, bulk, bakery base or customer custom versions.

Soft n’ Mighty™ is appropriate for commercial and retail bakery operations. Soft n’ Mighty™ can be successfully used in white, wheat, whole wheat multi-grain, whole grain, rye or high fiber bakery breads. Soft n’ Mighty™ works great in hearth breads, pan breads, buns, rolls, and muffins.

  • Soft n’ Mighty™ 11583-I Natural Dough Conditioner – General purpose and in most bread applications. Works with the customer’s existing extended shelf life enzyme package. Available in Watson’s easy to use Sol-U-Pak delivery system. Each dough soluble packet is prescaled to 28.4 g per packet. Usage rate is 1 ounce per hundred pounds of flour. This product is certified kosher.
  • Soft n’ Mighty™ 11583-O Certified Organic Dough Conditioner – Certified organic for the “Organic” and “Made with Organic” certification levels. General purpose in most bread applications. Available in bulk form.
  • Soft n’ Mighty™ 11583-B Premium Bread Base – Premium bakery bread base.
  • Soft n’ Mighty™ PLUS 11583-E Natural Dough Conditioner – A complete formulation that eliminates the need for separate extended shelf life enzyme systems. General purpose in any application. Available in both Sol-U-Pak and bulk.