Tablets for Baking

Tablets for Baking

Tableted production aids offer many benefits over standard ingredients

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Labor
  • Saves Money
  • Prevents Scaling Errors
  • Dependable
  • High Quality
  • Convenient
  • Economical

Types of Tablets

  • Ascorbitabs – contains ascorbic acid, an oxidizing agent to increase dough strength in the proof box and oven. The finished loaf has improved volume and crumb structure. Available in 30, 60 & 120 ppm/100 lbs. (45.5 kg) of flour sizes.
  • Amzymetabs – contains a fungal enzyme that when added to the sponge functions to provide more fermentable sugar to increase yeast activity. In the dough Amzymetabs function to increase the volume of the finished loaf. Each tablet supplies 5000 SKB units of alpha-amylace activity per 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) of flour.
  • Azotabs – an oxidizing and conditioning agent designed to increase loaf volume and improve crumb structure. Each tablet supplies 20 ppm of azodicarbonamide per 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) of flour.
  • Bistabs – used as a conditioning agent to reduce the mix time needed and create a more workable dough. Bistabs are especially beneficial in systems that use high intensity mixers, such as continuous mix systems. Each tablet supplies 15 ppm of meta-bisulfite per 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) of flour.
  • Bromelaintabs – contains a plant enzyme that provides proteolytic activity to relax the dough. Each tablet provides 170 GDU of bromelain per 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) of flour.
  • Cystabs – provides L-Cysteine, a dough conditioning agent that creates a more workable dough and reduces mix time without the use of sulfites. Tablets supply either 10 ppm or 40ppm per 100 lbs (45.5kg) of flour.
  • Hizymetabs – functions as a dough conditioner producing a mellower dough for better handling. Each tablet provides 110,000 HUT per 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) of flour.
  • Iotabs – uses the oxidizing characteristics of calcium iodate to increase the volume of the finished loaf and improve the crumb structure for customer appeal. Each tablet provides 20 ppm of calcium iodate.
  • Prozymetabs – a unique mixture of enzymes that make increased
    levels of sugar available to yeast to increase activity and break down the gluten structure in tough flours resulting in a more relaxed and workable dough, reducing the mix time needed. Each tablet provides 50,000 HUT of proteolytic activity and 5,000 SKB units of alpha-amylace activity per 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) of flour.