Custom Nutrient Premixes

Custom Nutrient Premixes

Watson’s Custom Nutritional Premixes represent precise combinations of micro- and macro-nutrients specifically designed to suit your unique food product. Each nutrient component is pre-scaled and precision blended into a premix. Premixes can be custom packaged to fit your batch size requirements.

More than Just Vitamins and Minerals

Typically, premixes are believed to consist of only vitamins and minerals. At Watson, we custom formulate a premix to include such functional ingredients as fibers, gums, amino acids, proteins, and botanicals.

Watson maintains a comprehensive range of raw materials. Watson’s purchasing department is an expert in the sourcing of raw materials and supplier qualification. This expertise and flexibility allow Watson to respond successfully to a wide range of customer needs for ingredients in their Custom Nutrient Premixes. At Watson, we understand that by including other nutrients in Custom Premixes we can save our customers time and money. Our goal is to formulate products that are optimized for each customer so that maximum benefits can be derived from combining multiple ingredients into a single blend.

Our research and development team members have a diverse background and a range of industry experience. They are positioned to be a valuable resource to advise our customers on the use of ingredients such as fibers, gums, amino acids, proteins, and botanicals, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Our in-house capabilities allow us to micro-encapsulate botanicals, for example, as well as vitamins. This can be useful in masking the flavors associated with some botanicals. Micro-encapsulated botanicals can then be used in a Custom Premix.

Watson also has the capability to change particle sizes. We can grind and micronize to decrease particle size and we can also agglomerate or granulate to increase size. These capabilities allow us to include a wider range of ingredient in a Custom Premix without risk of separation or loss of homogeneity.

Watson provides a complete certificate of analysis, which can include fiber or protein assays, as well as micro-nutrients.

Choosing a Premix Supplier

Watch Watson’s Vice President of Quality and Nutritional R&D give an informative presentation on what to look for in a premix supplier.

Download a Quick Reference Checklist on choosing a supplier here.


When vitamins, minerals, and functional ingredients are added to a food product they must be added in precisely the right amount, in the proper chemical form, and at the right time during your production process in order to achieve accurate fortification. Because every food product and process is unique, there is no single formula to satisfy every need. Watson will formulate a custom nutrient premix to meet your fortification goals.

We are more than just a manufacturer. We believe in partnering and building long-term relationships with our customers.  We are committed to assisting our customers to reach their goals in product formulation, market growth, new product launches, and long-term strategy.

We take care of all the logistical details so you know the products you need will be delivered to you on time. We focus on your orders so you can focus on your business.