Watson Enrichment Blends

Watson produces a line of quality enrichment products designed for use in the baking and milling industry. Our broad range of Vital Mix™ enrichments cover the whole span of cereal grain products. Each product is formulated to meet specific enrichment objectives and to meet USDA regulations. All blends deliver unquestionable quality.

  • Corn Enrichments
  • Corn & Flour Tortilla Enrichments
  • Enrichment for Degerminated Corn Meal Grits
  • Pasta Enrichments
  • Corn Meal Export ASCS
  • Wheat Flour Enrichment
  • Bolted Wheat Flour Enrichment
  • Bolted Wheat Flour Enrichment
  • Rice Enrichment

Mill Enrichment Products For enriching cereal grain products

“Vital Mix Products” Product To Be Enriched Iron Source Use Rate Per CWT Flour, Oz.
100 Corn Meal Reduced Iron ¼
102 Corn Tortilla Reduced Iron ¼
103 Degerminated Corn MealCorn Meal Grits Reduced Iron ½
104 Degerminated Corn MealCorn Meal Grits Reduced Iron ¼
104FS Degerminated Corn MealCorn Meal Grits Ferrous Sulphate ¼
105 Macaroni & Noodle Products Ferrous Sulphate ½
106 Macaroni & noodle Products Ferric Orthophosphate ½
109 Bolted Corn Meal Reduced Iron ½
113 Wheat Flour Ferrous Sulphate ½
116 Rice Ferric Orthophosphate ¼
142 Wheat Flour Reduced Iron ¼

Watson also manufactures a full line of bread enrichments available in two formats for convenient dosage.

Our B.E.T. products offer the convenience and ease of use of a tablet.

The other delivery system option available is our Sol-U-Pak. Sol-U-Paks are unique water soluble packets made from a completely edible and proprietary food-grade film. These unique packets offer bakers and food processors a convenient, accurate, and money-saving way to add enrichment to bread dough.

The primary advantage of Sol-U-Paks is precise control of formulation and weight when adding ingredients, which is critical for enrichment in particular.

Sol-U-Paks can be manufactured based on your batch size requirements.

Our Sol-U-Packs offer additional benefits including:

  • Precisely controls ingredient delivery and weight
  • Dissolves quickly in cool water under 135 degrees F
  • Prevents dusting problems associated with powders
  • Saves time in labor scaling
  • Reduces waste or ingredient losses

More information on Sol-U-Paks is available here.

Bakery Enrichment Products For standard enrichment of baked goods

Product Iron Source Use Rate Per CWT Flour
BETS® Bread Enrichment200/201 Tablets Ferrous Sulphate 1 Tablet
ESL® Bread EnrichmentMixture in Sol-U-Pak®(1) Ferrous Sulphate 1 Packet
ESL® RI Bread EnrichmentMixture in Sol-U-Pak®(1) Reduced Iron 1 Packet

(1)Standard available for enriching 100 to 4000 lbs. of flour.

All Watson Nutritional Ingredients including our enrichment blends are shipped with a Watson Certificate of Analysis. More information on Watson’s Certificate of Analysis can be found in our quality section.