Directly Compressible Chewable Tablet Starter Bases

EZ-Press™ Custom Designed Chewable Tablet Starter Bases consist of one or more EZ-Press™ Sweeteners, excipients, and tableting aids in a complete, ready to use base designed for chewable tablets. EZ-Press™ Custom Designed Chewable Tablet Starter Bases provide significant time savings and eliminate many of the common issues that can contribute to production delays in tableting facilities. By keeping EZ-Press™ Custom Designed Chewable Tablet Starter Bases in-stock and available for use, time losses associated with in-process material manufacturing, quality control, and raw material shortages are eliminated. EZ-Press™ Custom Designed Chewable Tablet Starter Bases are complete, quality checked, and ready to use.

For customers who want additional time savings and reduction of changeover time processing, Watson provides complete drum-to-hopper blends for chewable tablets. EZ-Press™ Drum-To-Hopper (DTH) Blends are designed specifically to meet your product goals and Supplement Facts panel. Watson creates a custom blend of vitamins, minerals, and Chewable Tablet Starter Base to create a complete DTH blend that is ready for tableting. This is a great option for SKUs with lower volume runs or for seasonal product line extensions and when internal processing on in-house equipment is otherwise not cost effective.

Both the Chewable Tablet Starter Bases and DTH blends in the EZ-Press™ line are designed to produce tablets that have minimal friability, uniform load, and desirable organoleptic qualities. Ideal hardness is critical as tablets must resist breakage, yet not be too hard as to negatively impact bite and chew characteristics. Breakdown and dissolution of tablets are also key control parameters.

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