Delivery Systems

Delivery Systems


Every step taken out of a production process yields bottom-line benefits. This may occur through reduced labor inputs, increased product throughputs, or a reduction in quality defects. It’s no surprise, therefore, that production streamlining is critical today.

In today’s competitive environment, many food manufacturing companies have streamlined by transferring responsibility for some manufacturing steps to their suppliers. To help our customers, Watson Inc. has simplified one of the most time-consuming and error-prone steps in mixing: the precision weighing and addition of minor ingredients.

Dough conditioners, vitamins and minerals, leavening agents, and enzymes are just a few examples of ingredients that are difficult and time-consuming to weigh accurately. Small errors in measurement can translate into significant quality defects, which can result in lost materials, added reprocessing, and dissatisfied consumers.

Watson pre-measures minor ingredients into Sol-u-Pak ~ edible film pouches.  The Sol-u-Pak pouch is simply thrown on top of the other ingredients in the mixer. The pouch only takes about 10 to 20 seconds to dissolve.

For ingredients that exhibit incompatibility during storage, the individual components can be separated by Watson’s “pouch within a pouch” Sol-u-Pak system.

The pouches can be imprinted using food-approved coloring agents to simplify manufacturing even further.