Edible Films

Edible Films

Edible Films

Flavored Film Strips

• Breath Fresheners
• Oral Hygiene
• Sugar-Free Candy Strips
• Caffeine and Energy Strips
• Vitamin and Nutritional Strips

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• Flavor: Any flavor can be added, such as intense mints, sour fruit flavors, or sweet confectionary flavors.

• Color: A full range of colors is available, including FD&C colors, Non-FD&C colors, EU colors, and custom Pantone-matched colors.

• Appearance: Films can be printed on using edible inks.

• Size: Film is produced on a mill roll; it can be slit to various widths and cut into any size.

• Solubility: Most film strips made today are fast dissolving. Solubility can be controlled to provide fast or slow dissolution. Slow dissolution may be beneficial for some applications.

• Thickness: The thickness can be carried to control dissolutions rate, as well as to allow for more active ingredients to be incorporated. Standard thickness is typically 1.5 mils (0.0015 inches, 0.03 mm) however, thickness up to 6 mils (0.006 inches, 0.15 mm) are possible.

Active ingredients can be incorporated directly into the solution prior to the film being cast. These active ingredients, which can comprise up to 25% of the film by weight, become locked into the film matrix and remain stable until consumption. Examples of actives used in film strips include ingredients for oral hygiene, Film Rollscaffeine for alertness, nutrients, and botanicals.

The market for flavored film strips has growth potential, especially in the breath film segment. Incorporating active ingredients opens the door for expansion into new segments such as films with health benefits.

The largest target for film strips is presently teens and adults from 18 to 25 years of age. Certainly, children less than 13 years of age offer an opportunity which could be targeted with a candy flavored, sweetened or sour flavored films. Films for children could be marketed in collectible “toy” dispensers.