Specialty Nutrients

Specialty Nutrients

Watson is your partner with expertise in:


• High Shear, Fluid Bed, and Hot Melt Granulation

• Agglomeration

• Instantizing

• Spray Drying

• Drum-to-Hopper Blends

• Micronizing

MCT 50%

Watson’s Spray Dried MCT 50% (F080188) has applications in medical foods, particularly for individuals with compromised lipid metabolic conditions, supplementation, and exercise/sports-focused nutrition.


BetaClear is a free-flowing powder of encapsulated beta-carotene. Upon dissolution in water, BetaClear forms a colloidal crystalline dispersion.
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Watson’s Clear-E™ is a fine, free-flowing form of Vitamin E spray dried within a modified starch matrix. When mixed into a solution, Clear-E™ forms a micellar dispersion, producing a clear solution.