Trituration is the process by which a micronutrient is standardized on a carrier for better distribution in the final blend, ease of scaling, and homogeneity. Watson utilizes a specialized blending technique to homogeneously distribute a potent micronutrient throughout a carrier.

The resulting trituration can be customized to any level of active to carrier ratio or percentage by the blending of micronutrient on a carrier such as di-calcium phosphate, maltodextrin or microcrystalline cellulose, among others. By eliminating the need to scale off pure micronutrients in small quantities, correct dosage is assured and costly errors prevented. Scaling waste of costly pure micronutrients is also minimized.

Most importantly, triturations provide homogeneous dispersion of the micronutrients in your finished blend or product. Watson utilizes a wide range of carriers to suit the properties of your finished product, taking into consideration desired characteristics such as solubility, particle size or special label claims, as in the case of starch-free products.


• Dietary Supplements (Multi-vitamin/mineral tablets or capsules)

• Food Fortification

• Premixes

• Dry Instant Beverage Powders

• Powdered Weight Loss Meal Replacement Products

Our line of triturations include both standard and customized products, such as:

  • Biotin 1%
  • Biotin 1%, 5% on DCP
  • Chromium Chloride 1%, 2%, 10%
  • Chromium Citrate 2%
  • Folic Acid 10% on DCP
  • Folic Acid 10% on Maltodextrin
  • Nickelous Sulfate 1% (Nickel)
  • Potassium Iodide 1%, 5%
  • Sodium Metasilicate 1% (Silicon)
  • Sodium Metavanadate 1% (Vanadium)
  • Sodium Molybdate 1% (Molybdenum) (F080002)
  • Sodium Selenate 1% (Selenium)
  • Sodium Selenite 1% (Selenium)
  • Stannous Chloride 1% (Tin)
  • Trace Mineral Premix Trituration for Advanced & Senior Formulas
  • Vitamin B12 0.1%, 1%, 5%

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